Return of the Groupie

Why I Believe Music Needs A Groupie Revolution ASAP (and how we are going to achieve this) ….

Although I could come up with an abundant list of undeniably talented musicians who are around today, there is something vital missing. Passion. Who influences passion? GROUPIES! Crazy as it may sound, I truly think what the music industry is missing today are some super awesome groupie goddesses. When I say “groupie” you probably think I am talking about crazy fangirls who just want to get into the pants of the famous, but this is not the definition I am referring to. What I mean by “groupie” is a girl (just like you and I) who has a deep love for a bands music, and will do whatever she can to show the group how much she appreciates them (not just in a sexual way), and this relationship is not a one way thing. The groupie becomes a sort of muse to the musician and then goes on to heavily influence passion into their work. Why else do you think there are few musicians today as passionate as say Jimmy Page or Jimi Hendrix?

(Needless to say, things did get a little icky in the groupie scene when the 80s came along, but it goes to show how groupies must have made a difference when you look at the music from the 60s/70s compared to that of the 80s,90s,etc., (yeah, pretty incomparable).)

As super groupie Miss Pamela puts it:

“Groupies are not just star-fuckers. We inspired the guys as much as we were inspired by them. It was very equal. They loved us because we dared to have a blast. We looked after them, picked their clothes and showed them the best restaurants to go to. I made cowboy shirts for Jimmy Page and Miss Christine showed Alice Cooper how to do his make-up.”  - Pamela des Barres


No one understood what is was to be a true groupie quite like the ultimate groupie goddess, Pamela des Barres. She was the epitome of the groupie muse that had a hand in influencing the oh-so-passionate music playing of again Jimmy Page, Keith Moon, Mick Jagger, and many more (You go girl!). She was essentially the leader of the groupie and sexual revolution that made that 70s rock scene so irresistible. 

Nowadays, unlike the 60s & 70s, in order to get anywhere near a band it seems like you must already be either famous or  rich. Popular bands now only move in elite circles, preventing them from mingling with the girls who adore their music and just want to touch the untouchable. This is a problem. Had this been the case in the 70s, super music fan Pamela, along with many other super-groupie girls who were first just fan, would have never been able to get their pretty little hands on the rock gods they adored- and thank god they did because who knows how it would’ve effected the music!

What I am suggesting is not to bring back the dangerous parts to rock’n'roll, but more so the passion and spontaneity. What I want and what I think would benefit this era of music is to show upcoming bands that it isn’t a bad thing to be open to mingling with anyone especially their fans , instead of just to make connections with people to improve their own status.

In order to start a groupie revolution, things are going to have to change on both ends. Not only should musicians be more open, but so should us girl fans! Girls, you need to open your mind to realize that absolutely nothing is out of the realm of possibilty. Work hard to achieve your groupie conquest and don’t ever have any shame in expressing yourself and enjoying what makes you most happy! One by one we can show young bands there are some pretty awesome people outside of their circle who are worth their time. Have confidence in yourself, and don’t be discouraged by the fact you are not perfect-everyone is beautiful in their own way.

If it’s passion music needs, it’s passion us free-spirited, strong, music loving woman will give!

And so I leave you with another quote from Miss Pamela (who’s several books I can’t recommend more for any woman-aspiring groupie or not!)

“The groupie is just a girl who loves music and loves to be around the people who make it. She is the fan that takes it to the next level to experience the whole shebang.”

Go get ‘em girls!

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